Vitamin Shots and IV's

Vitamin Shots, Myer's Cocktail, IV's. Thrive Regemerative Medicine Chandler Arizona

So Many Benefits . . .

Allow me to count the ways . . .

  1. Increase energy and boost your mood
  2. Supercharge your immune system
  3. Turn your body into a fat burning machine.
  4. Manage stress better
  5. Helps you to maintain a healthy hormone balance
  6. Replenish your body with the correct level of nutrients (athletes, weekend warriors, stressful jobs, hangovers and more)

Just What the Doctor Ordered!

Quick . . vitamin shots are absorbed quickly to help you feel your best. Effective in restoring energy, boosting the immune system, and assisting in losing those unwanted pounds.

 Efficient. . .  we all know that taking oral supplements can be ineffective and require large doses due to the necessity to absorb through the gut. Our vitamin shots provide an efficient method to bypass the concerns with stomach breakdown, and gut absorption, and allow quick body uptake for your busy schedule.