Advanced Lab Analysis

Hormone Testing, Testosterone Therapy Doctor Chandler Ariz

Hormone Testing

As we age our hormones can naturally drift out of balance.  We have state of the art lab testing, such as an MPV blood test at our disposal to help get to the root of your hormone challenges and develop a plan to balance them and reach your full potential and optimum performance! Call to schedule blood tests and analysis today!

Blood Tests and Lab Analysis

Micronutrient testing provides a valuable window into which we can see what nutrients you may be deficient.  Based on the results, we can customize a supplement, Vitamin shot, or IV protocol to address your deficiencies.   When we have optimized nutrient levels on-board, we tend to feel more energetic, have improved mood, and maximize our productivity and memory.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivities have become increasingly common in modern society. These sensitivities can manifest in the form of migraines, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, seasonal allergies, chronic congestion, fatigue, and sleep challenges.  It is crucial to determine what foods your body works best on, and which ones may be providing trouble. 

When we can identify and eliminate the food causing the issues, we often see dramatic improvements in the quality of life in weeks, which allows you to FEEL great, LOOK great and PERFORM great!