Dr. Dan Larke

Dr. Dan Larke is a board licensed physician specializing in Men’s Health and Sexual Wellness, Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease, Premature Ejaculation, Testosterone Therapy (Low-T) and various other forms of Regenerative Medicine including the PRP-Shot, Skin Rejuvenation (PRP), Joint Therapy, Hair Regrowth and Scar Therapy. He has successfully treated thousands of erectile dysfunction patients, and as the first Gainswave provider, and only Certified Success Provider of GAINSWave in the Southeast Valley, provides remarkable results.  His goal, as a physician and teacher is to work with you to fully understand the underlying cause and map a plan to help you reach optimal sexual performance, your full health potential, and thrive in the bedroom and beyond.

Doctor Larke is also a medical school professor, where he teaches Men's Health.  He is happily married, an active volunteer, an artist, and an avid health enthusiast as an Ironman triathlete. He brings a wealth of experience to approaching challenges from his background as a Sr. Design Engineer in the aerospace industry, a consultant, and a compassionate physician. As a stage-4 cancer survivor since 2002, Dr. Larke has an appreciation for life and can empathize with patients as they progress through challenges. Most of all, Dr. Larke is committed to building long-term relationships and being a trusted advisor for the health and well being of his patients. Make an appointment to find out more about Gainswave, Testosterone Therapy, and other  Erectile Dysfunction and men's health issues.

Heidi Larke of Thrive Regenerative Medicine in Chandler Arizona


Heidi is the Thrive Med Patient Liaison and Office Director.  Her savvy management skills and attention to detail keep the doctor and the organization operating efficiently to help provide the best Gainswave and Testosterone therapy treatments in Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe and the rest of the Southeast Valley.