The P-Shot for Male Enhancement

P-Shot male enhancement procedure for a larger penis, erectile Dysfunction & Peyronie’s Disease, ED

P-Shot . . . Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP) Enhances Erections

The PRP-Shot (Priapus Shot®, P-Shot) is a safe and pain-free treatment using a patient’s own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to revitalize the erectile tissues in the penis and stimulate new blood vessel growth, resulting in larger, firmer and more desirable erections. Dr. Dan Larke was one of the first leading-edge physicians in the Phoenix area over 6 years ago to learn and offer patients this innovative treatment that improves sexual function and satisfaction for patients and their partners.  The P-Shot also works effectively for Peyronie's Disease.


This effective and well documented treatment involves a simple blood draw of the patient’s own blood and then minimally processing the blood with a centrifuge to separate the red blood cell and isolate the platelet rich plasma for use in the procedure. The PRP contains the beneficial growth factors contained in the platelets which signal the body to repair and remodel the erectile tissues for firmer, larger and more desirable erections. 


Dr. Larke has successfully performed this procedure on men of all ages. You may be a candidate for this leading-edge procedure if you:

  • Want increased firmness and duration
  • Desire greater sensation and pleasure during intimacy
  • Interested in larger penis girth and length
  • Are no longer responding to Viagra or Cialis medications
  • Suffer from Peyronie’s Disease with a curvature or bend in the penis


Dr. Larke is a respected, and compassionate physician in Chandler, who has dedicated his career to men’s wellness and sexual dysfunction. He utilizes the latest medical techniques, which involve minimal downtime and medications.

  • He uses the latest advances/ technology in medical developments
  • All procedures are performed by Dr. Larke to ensure the most effective results – not medical assistants, or nurses
  • Patients travel to us from all over the United States, Canada and Mexico for treatments
  • Thousands of successful procedures have been performed
  • Our team is dedicated to your success, from consult to recovery


Dr. Larke is a trusted and experienced physician who has successfully treated thousands of patients just like you to help overcome the challenge of erectile dysfunction. His P-Shot patients report feeling happy, invigorated, and more sexually confident. 

When combined with the GAINSWave acoustic-wave treatment, the P-Shot also provides a synergistic effect to turbocharge both the GAINSWave and PRP-Shot for maximum gains.